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27 October 2006

[Reel-Comments] Audiences are strange

Audiences are strange! I'm not saying everyone has to have the same reaction to a film as me but surely there are some things that you don't laugh at?

Point incase: in Little Children a sex offender who has served his time leaves the front door of his aged mother's house. It's a well to do neighbourhood yet this guy has been harrassed by a vigilante group formed largely of one local resident. As he leaves the house with a pensive face the front door swings shut and we see flyers stuck to the front door with gaffa tape, then we get a shot from above of him walking across the garden where the path has been sprayed with the word 'evil'.

Now what in this scene possessed a substantial proportion of the audience to laugh out loud? My only explanation is that it was nervous laughter because they couldn't cope with the scenario.

How many films have I been to where this has happened? It's not just limited to London, it's also happened in Manchester and Toronto (that's conclusive proof obviously from such a wide survey).

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Blogger Fat Roland said...

Aaargh, this so annoys me! I've probably told you this before, but remember the bit in Brokeback Mountain where Heath Ledger's wife (Michelle Williams??) looks out of the window to see Heath and Jake kissing? I remember a lot of people laughing at this tragic moment of the film

It only goes to show a lot of people are not capable of empathy, and they should all be shot immediately. Oh... er...

27/10/06 15:09

Blogger LauraHD said...

Take another example - a woman in the row behind us was munching her way through a bucket of popcorn during a film about a suicide bomber!

1/11/06 13:11


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