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15 October 2006

[Reel-Reviews] napoleon dynamite (2 stars)

Napoleon Dynamite is a quirky indie film charting the nothing happening, small-town life of the protagonist – dealing with his dodgy salesman Uncle Rico, his chat-room-wannabe brother Kip, and his new friend Pedro’s campaign to be elected school president. It’s a film in which almost nothing happens – but I guess that’s Idaho for you… The tagline is “He’s out to prove he’s got nothing to prove”. Exactly.

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Blogger Fat Roland said...

Oh, come on, just two stars?

You should try watching it on morphine. It's a whole different experience.

18/10/06 15:55

Blogger LauraHD said...

It's weird cos both M and I started off giving it three stars and then thought we'd better not be too generous in our reviewing otherwise we'd have LOADS of three and four star reviews. Good thought though - maybe we should have a post that defines the rating system...

19/10/06 09:52

Blogger Pete said...

The problem with the film is its structure - it's so limp! I don't mind films where nothing happens, but this became a little self-indulgent. Funny in places though.

26/10/06 12:53


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