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27 November 2007

[Reel-Reviews] Earth (4 stars)

We managed to see a sneak preview of Earth last night – on a digital screen. And therein lies the difference between this and a two-hour special of the BBC TV shows Planet Earth and Blue Planet

An impressive visual and aural feast it is, but partly because of the scale of the screen and the definition of sound and visuals. Think you’ve seen a great white shark eating a seal before? Not this large you ain’t. Think you’ve seen polar bears struggling to survive in an broken-iced ocean? Not in this detail you ain’t. Think you know the noise that monkeys make wading through a flooded savannah? Not this clearly you ain’t. From the fluffy feathers on that duckling’s wing tip to the chilling crack of the Arctic ice shelf, this is a whole new experience.

Ok, so if you’re a fan of the shows, have the DVDs, or have looked through the Beeb’s extensive websites, you might have seen some of the footage before. But not like this you ain’t.

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