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17 March 2008

[Reel-Comments] No cinema for old grumps...

(Subtitled: the Coens go the Odeon.)

One of the most lauded and awarded films of the decade came to the Manchester Odeon (Printworks) for a final post-Oscar farewell fling. But I bet the Coens didn't bet on people trying to watch their film whilst:

- three mouthy Irish lasses talked in the back row (who were finally ejected by staff after half an hour),
- a man ran down the stairs, answering his phone loudly on the way (during Tommy Lee Jones' last scene!!!), and
- about a third of the audience left before the end.

Hence, a refund from the teenaged duty manager at the end of the screening, and the birth of a new resolution...

No more cinema. Nope not ever. OK, unless it's the Cornerhouse/ Ritzy/ Watershed/ etc. or a festival.

I can't bear it anymore.

God, I'm middle aged now.