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29 October 2006

[Reel-Reviews] For Your Consideration (3 stars)

After his take on dog shows, Christopher Guest turns his satirical eye to the thing he surely knows best - making movies. It's the story of the cast and crew of 'Home for Purim', a small-scale and limited production (in every sense). But when Oscar buzz hits the set after a crew member reads a rumour online, the rivalries, jealousies, and egos *really* start to take centre stage...

Film-making itself provides opportunities for some of the most self-obsessed, shallow and superficial dialogue, characterisation and narrative - the characters' unquestioning acceptance of its absurdity giving all the more tragi-comic potential. For me though, the jokes were just a bit too "in" and the whole thing slightly too knowing to make me care enough about any of them.
Not 'best in show', but certainly a solid third place.

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