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29 October 2006

[Reel-Reviews] Falling (3 stars)

This five friends reunited film has an ambiguous translation at its start - the German language title is 'Fallen'. The film festival titles it 'Falling' as above, but the subtitles had it down as 'Floating'. It might sound like a little thing, but I think it makes all (some?) of the difference.
Each friend has a past to live up to, a present to capture, a future to behold and fall into, a reputation that preceeds them, and ideas that define them - plus secrets to be told...

A great enemble showcase piece, highlighting the talents of six of Austria's best contemporary women in film (the cast and director, Barbara Albert), what it makes up for in characterisation, it ultimately lacks in a plot which slightly struggles to transcend its cultural context. Maybe a case of being genuinely lost in translation.

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